17 Oktober 2011

Hello stylish ladies,

Pre order untuk batch 5 telah dibuka!! Yeay!

Tunggu apa lagi ...
Happy Shopping dearies.. ^_^\/

Amal & Faiz
Stylish Hijab


Before you place an order, PLEASE READ & UNDERSTAND the Terms & Condition (T&C) and also How to Order section. Thanks for your fully cooperation. :)

Welcome to my New customer
Return/Regular customer
E-mail address (VERY IMPORTANT!)
Delivery Address
Contact No.
Item code(s) & Quantity(s)
Method of Payment
Payment via
Do you want us to remind you if the booking period is over? Yes, please remind me via SMS and email
No, I willing SH to cancelled my order if my booking period is over without any notice
I have read and understand the T&C and SH team has the right to cancel my booking if I violate one of the conditions.

Attention my dearies,

Kiteorang mengamalkan sistem FIRST PAY, FIRST SERVE. So, korang bolehlah pilih kod item(s) yang lain in case item(s) yang korang nak tu dah sold out. Kod item(s) tu korang bolehlah state dalam ruangan comments/suggestions/enquiries.


kalau kod SH01 takde, saya nak SH02. Kalau takde, nak SH03. kalau takde jgk, nak SH04.. :)

Happy browsing and hope you got something. ^__^

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Terms and Condition


2) The booking procedure is based on the 'FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE' basis. We are also give the priority to those who fill the order form ONLY. Please give your full cooperation my dear.

3) Please be informed that the booking period is available for 3 DAYS ONLY. Do tell us if you want to extend the booking period. If not, the items will automatically CANCELLED. We will not hesitate to do so.

4) Please bear in mind that LAST MINUTE cancellation is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED. If you wish to cancelled the item, PLEASE let us know before the booking period is over.

5) Prices shown are not inclusive of postage fee unless we had mentioned it.

6) The color of the items might be slightly different from the actual due to the lighting or resolution of the screen computer. Kindly refer us for more details.

7) Goods sold are not returnable/exchangeable. We will make sure that all items are in perfect condition before sending them out to you.

8) We will not responsible for any damage or loss item during shipping.

9) We reserve the right to make any appropriate changes on our terms & conditions at any point of time.

If you agree with the terms & conditions above, we are pleased to serve you as best as we can.
Thank you & happy browsing dearies.

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